Balloon Animals or Face Painting?

Balloon Animals or Face Painting?

Looking for the best bang for your buck? Not sure which is to choose: balloon animals or face painting? I’ll break down the differences and give you the knowledge to make the right decision for the most fun for your event and the best cost for your budget.

Balloon Animals

balloon twisting kids birthday party rockwall dallasBalloon animals are lots of fun. An experienced twister should be able to twist a lot more balloons in 30 minutes than the fastest face painter can paint. Ideally, the fewer the guests you have the more detailed the balloon artist can get. You’ll get some really elaborate and fun creations that will be remembered for years to come. Of course, the flip side of this is, the more guests you have the more simplistic the balloon creations will have to be. On a positive note, a simple 1 balloon sword can be just as much fun as a multiple balloon blaster. Kids know how to use their imaginations. So don’t think bigger is better. Fun is fun, and balloons are always fun!

Again, your guest count will dictate how many balloons your twister can create and how elaborate he can get. On average, a good balloon twister should be able to create about 20 simple balloons in 30 minutes. This may include swords, wands, dogs, cats, hats, flowers, etc…

Don’t just consider how many balloons your twister can twist. Interaction is also very important. A balloon artist that just stands there and twists balloons is NOT entertaining. You want an entertainer. Not just a balloon twister. It’s a lot more fun watching them twist and interacting with your guests than it is just getting a balloon. You want your event to be special and remembered. Hire an entertainer!!!!

Sounds great, but there are draw backs.

  • Balloons are a choking hazard for younger kids (NEVER give a balloon to a child under 3 years old!!!)
  • Balloons pop and don’t last – even grass will pop balloons
  • Wind blows them away

Face Painting

kids party animal face paint dallas rockwallFace paintings are certainly fun. Becoming a fairy princess, ninja turtle or tiger is awesome! Who doesn’t love role playing? Kids do! Plus, they make great pictures for Facebook.

Just like balloon twisting, your guest count will dictate how much detail you should get. Fewer guests should allow the artist to do more detail. More guests, less details. Example: If you are paying a face painter to be at your event for 1 hour and you only have 10 guests, you should have some pretty amazing faces when they are done. Many face painters will try and paint basic faces and get done quicker. Don’t let them. Use all the time you are paying for. This being said, some face painters price their services on how many faces they paint and not the time it takes. Honestly, it should equal out the same. 15 faces in an hour is really good. 7 – 8 faces in half an hour. Know your guest count and let the face painter know how long you want them to stay.

“Some face painters price their services on
how many faces they paint and not by the hour”

Expect more elaborate detail, or more simple faces based on the time you ask them to stay and how many faces they will paint. Please, verbalize this to your artist. Don’t just expect something and be upset when you don’t get it. Let then know you only have 10 kids and you want them there for 1 hour (face painters normally consider themselves real artists. And real artists want to create beautiful works of art. Given the chance they should love this opportunity to show you want they can really do. And as a result, get some great photos of their own work for their websites).

In addition, if you have more guests and time is tight, do NOT expect your face painter to do elaborate details or extra work. They are working hard to make each face look its best. Each additional dot, dab and brush stroke takes more time. This will only limit the amount of faces painted at your event.

Lastly, like a balloon twister, you want to hire an entertainer. Most face painters don’t entertain. They sit there and paint faces. Blah! Look for someone that is engaging and fun. Hire and entertainer!!!

The Best of Both Worlds

balloon animals rockwallDon’t limit yourself to just balloon animals or face painting. In an ideal world you should have BOTH¬† balloon animals AND face painting. If you know you might want both look for someone who does both.¬† You should certainly ask them if they do both. There are lots of entertainers out there who can do both well and have fun doing it. I do both and love it. I’ve even won awards for balloon twisting AND face painting. Honestly, I prefer doing both. It’s just more fun!

Again, as mentioned above, know your guest count and how long you might want them to stay based on that guest count. If you have 10 kids you should have plenty of time in 1 hour for BOTH face painting AND a basic balloon for each child. If you have more guests then maybe they can get either balloon animals or face painting. Then, if time allows they can get the other as well. I do this at many events I work with lots of kids.

“Hire an Entertainer! Not just a balloon twister or face painter.”

Lastly, if you do hire an entertainer to do balloon animals or face painting, or both, and time is tight, please let your adult guests know that it’s really just for the kids. It has happened to me at events where adults get in line to get balloon animals or face painting and some of the kids get left out because we run out of time. In fact, it’s happened to me more than once where all the adults got in line. As a result, none the kids got anything. Yes, it happens more often than you think.