Balloon Animals and Face Painting for Grand Opening


Smashburger’s Grand Opening in The Colony.

I love it when a business gives back to their customers with free entertainment like balloon animals and face painting. It’s really nice to see them walk out the door with more than then came in to get. Plus, their smiles are always bigger. Especially families. And not just the kids. The parents LOVE it! I can promise you that they will certainly come back again. Especially if this is the first time they’ve been to your store. First impressions always matter!

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Face Paintings for kids of a wounded warrior

This past weekend I was asked to come and twist balloon animals and paint faces for the guests of the new SmashBurger in The Colony. It’s a burger restaurant that has great food with great flavor and huge portion sizes. The owners and staff were really friendly as well.

I will say, it was tight fitting into the space with all the customers. Plus, the radio station 96.3 KSCS was there doing a give-away of their own. They mentioned me on the radio several times. For the first hour people were coming through the door in droves. Once 96.3 left it slowed down a bit, but we had even more kids. And happy parents.

Everyone left with full, satisfied tummies and smiles on their faces.Thank you Smashburger for a great time. I know you’ll do great.