The perfect theme party

When it comes to having a party, or event, there are 2 thoughts… Theme or No Theme? All parties are fun, but theme parties can be super easy to set up with all the pre-printed napkins, plates, cups, posters and other party stuff stores sell now days. But, they can also be a bit more tricky if over planned. Beyond the basic theme party plates and napkins of course. So here is how you throw the perfect theme party…

You KISS it.

Yep, you KISS it. “Keep It Super Simple“. Don’t over do it or over think it. wedding theme party

I’ve entertained at hundreds of events and parties over the years as different characters, painting faces, twisting balloon animals and more. I’ve seen people have tons of fun at simple theme party events (like face painting at a formal wedding) and be bored out of their minds at the over complicated theme party. Here are some simple rules to KISS your event.

  1. Don’t force your guests to dress up if they don’t want to: This includes asking them to only wear certain colors. Fun is fun, but you have just crossed a line and are now dictating how your guests dress to come to your event. That’s right, I said you are “DICTATING”. No one wants to be bossed or bullied. Encourage your guests, but don’t force it.theme party, olaf, frozen,
  2. Don’t force your entertainers to dress up either: As a balloon twister I can tell you, my most embarrassing job was when the host made me dress up like Olaf and twist balloons while saying, “This is your spot. Don’t leave it”. For 2 hours I stood in 1 spot, in a hot costume that belonged to someone else who sweat in it before me, and twisted balloons for kids. But not any balloons. Oh no, only 4 specific balloon designs – in only 4 colors. Which brings me to the next rule…
  3. Don’t limit the creativity and fun: As mentioned above, I was limited to only making 4 balloon shapes (a sword, magic wand, crown and reindeer hats). And they could only be made in 4 colors (Silver, Light Blue, White and Brown for the reindeer). All of which tied into the FROZEN theme party. More than half of the kids chose NOT TO GET A BALLOON rather than get one of the choices. Not even a flower! Cute puppy dogs? Nope! How about a princess? No, no, no! It was boring! Not only did the kids not have fun, I didn’t either. Yes, it makes for a cute picture, but that is about it. We just smiled and pretended we were having fun! Why hire an entertainer and then not let them entertain? It makes no since. Let them do what they are good at. Your guests will enjoy it and so will you. I promise!
  4. Don’t limit it to just your theme: Think outside the box. If you are throwing a party for your child and they love the Power Rangers, it’s perfectly fine to have the Power Ranger characters come, but there is nothing wrong with having a clown either. This is a kid’s party. Kid’s love clowns, magic, face painting and balloons. Power Rangers can’t do that. It might be neat to see your heroes, but getting a magic show, and face painting, and balloons? Are you kidding me? Kid’s LOVE that stuff. I know!!! A little girl is going to have a lot of fun at your event if she can get a glittery rainbow butterfly face painting. She will not have fun if she can only get a power ranger symbol on her check. Even theme parks have different sections for people who enjoy something a little different than the next person.

“We just smiled and pretended we were having fun!”

So, to recap… Let the party happen! Let the fun flow. And let your guests be themselves and enjoy it. Events are created with the sole intent of hoping your guests will have fun. So let them. This will ultimately let you relax more and your guests will have a better time as a result. Plus, they will want to come back next time you entertain. Because you know how to throw a fun party!

“A little girl is going to have a lot of fun
at your event if she can get a
glittery rainbow butterfly face painting…
not just a power ranger symbol on her check.