Face Painting and Balloon Animals at a Wedding Reception? YES!!!!!!

The perfect Entertainment For Any Event

Are you CRAZY!!! Face painting and balloon animals at a wedding reception? Yes!!!!!! Wedding receptions are so “adult” in nature and typically a bore. I know, there is dancing, drinking, and possibly a photo booth. But again, “adult” fun! To be honest, it is really a FAMILY EVENT! So why not have FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT?! Even at formal weddings!!!

face painting and wedding receptions work great togetherYour guests are most likely thinking 2 things when getting ready for your wedding and reception. First, “I hope they have an open bar”, and additionally, “I hope it doesn’t drag on all night”. They are NOT thinking, “this is going to be so much fun!” Yes, they should be thinking that. Yes, you want them to think that. You are spending a lot of time, effort and money hoping they think that. However, odds are they wface painting and balloon animals make everything more funont come in thinking that. But you can have them leaving at the end of the event knowing that is what happened. They had fun! Why? Because you thought “out of the box” and planned a FAMILY EVENT!

When it comes to families there is one thing I know. If the kid’s are happy and having fun, then the parents can relax and enjoy themselves as well. When people see other people really relaxed and enjoying themselves they can do the same. It’s infectious!

Read what a happy client wrote in a review where she had face painting and balloon animals at her wedding:

I initially hesitated when trying to decide if I thought it would be worth the money and whether it was even appropriate to have face-painting and balloon making at my wedding which was pretty formal otherwise.
Let me tell you, it was the HIGHLIGHT of the evening. — eeeeveryone was talking about it & raving about how talented Matthew was — & we had a great DJ, a photobooth, & smores bar, too. Still, the face painting was the biggest hit of all. Trust me, if you are on the fence, don’t be any longer. It’s worth it! Book him for your wedding NOW!

… Even the ADULTS loved it & participated

Adult face painting fun at wedding receptionI have worked weddings for many years doing many different things: Photography, Live Caricature drawings, as the Groom, Face Painting and Balloon Animals. The most fun I have had, and have seen others have at weddings, is when there is face painting AND balloon animals. You can easily hire an entertainer who can do both. However, if you know you are going to have a large crowd then I recommend hire one of each. You don’t need them there for the entire reception time either. Not everyone will get painted or want a balloon. But those that do want to take advantage of the fun certainly can.

Kids love balloons at wedding eventsWhen planning your event don’t over think it and don’t over plan it. Ask your entertainers what they need. Don’t assume. I bring everything I need to entertain your guests. I don’t need a table. Others might. Just have a basic location for them in mind to set up. No need to rope it all off or go crazy. A truely professional entertainer can manage their own lines. It’s not the fun part of the job, but it is part of our job. We know this.

It’s worth mentioning that the face “paints” are not really “paint” at all. It is actually “make-up”. It has antibacterial properties built into it and it does wash out of clothes easily with soap and water. Even nice evening dresses and fancy shirt colars.

Lastly, don’t forget to tip them like you would any other service provider. I know seeing all the smiles on the faces is great, but a tip is always appreciated.