Festivals & Fairs


Festival & Fair Entertainment

I draw a crowd! From a fun, interactive stage show, to walk-around magic, or even Live Caricature drawings of your guests, I can do it. You put me where you want the crowds to go. Have me mingle among the guests. Regardless of where I am, they will have a great time.

“The only reason we came is because we heard there were free caricatures!”

LiCaricatures DFW Dallas Rockwallve Caricatures

The way these work are truly AMAZING! Plus, I am mobile. You can move me around and put me where ever you want the crowd to go. Here one day, somewhere else the next. Use me to pull in crowds for your vendors.

Your guests WILL come back again and again to get a drawing. Each time with someone new. A friend one day, a relative the next. I’ve seen it happen and it works!

All the caricature drawing are FREE for your guests. Of course they have to wait in line. But it’s totally worth it at the end of the day when they get to take home a fair/festival souvenir to hang on their wall. Plus, it’s branded with YOUR EVENT LOGO on it to remind them when and where they got it. This keeps them coming back each year.

INTRODUCING: Live Puppet Caricatures. In 2018 I will be able to draw caricatures while your guests are entertained by my puppet parrot “Artie”. Artie loves mocking me and making fun of my drawings while he sits up on top of my drawing easel.

Put Your Logo On Each Caricature Drawing

Walk-Around Entertainment

I love walk-around magic and entertainment. So do your crowds. It’s super friendly and allows for some great memories to be made at your event. Plus, the photos of the kids smiling are cherished by their parents. I can also combine walk-around magic with my stage show to make it that much more fun.

I offer different characters to fit your Fair/Festival theme. Some include:
Soda-Pop McBop, Magical Matty, Cowboy Sheriff Matty, First Mate Matty the Pirate and more…


Face Painting & Balloon Animals

Believe it or not I am an multi award winning face painter and balloon twister. I love twisting balloons and painting faces so much that I have a degree in it. I know your guests will LOVE my art as well.

You are welcome to move me around each day too. Here today, there tomorrow. Make your guests wander the event looking for me. And they will since my services will be FREE for them. Paid for by your event. This again makes it more memorable and fun for them and much more likely for them to come back, year after year.

I can also paint faces and twist balloons as different characters each day. Or the same character everyday. Whatever your theme is I can entertain with it.


Family Fun Stage Shows

Everyone loves a show at the Fair. And I love entertaining with a show. My shows last between 30 – 45 minutes. But they are great fun for the whole family. Everyone will laugh and love the show. I even get help at times from your audience members. Your guests will leave my show smiling and  talking about the fun for days.